WWE SmackDown Results – December 10th, 2021

Drew McIntyre confronts Adam Pearce in Pearce’s office backstage. Pearce tells McIntyre that it was Deville who made the list of wrestlers in the Black Friday battle royal and an unnamed higher up approved it and also made it to where McIntyre is not allowed to bring his signature sword to the ring with him tonight.

Sheamus vs Drew McIntyre

The match begins with the two immediately exchanging punches. McIntyre slams Sheamus into the corner and hits a chop to the chest. Sheamus hits a lariat to knock McIntyre to the apron. Sheamus knocks McIntyre to the fllor and Sheamus goes for a lariat to the outside but McIntyre dodges and hits Sheamus with a belly to belly suplex.

SmackDown continues with Sheamus hitting the Irish curse and going for a cover for two. McIntyre hits the future shock DDT and follows with a kip up. McIntyre goes tot he corner and goes for the Claymore but Sheamus counters with a knee strike and Sheamus covers for two. Sheamus hits a headbutt and McIntyre springs out of the corner to hit the Claymore and McIntyre covers for three.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

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