WWE RAW Results – November 4th, 2019

Lashley mentions how he would come beat Rusev up but he suffered a very debilitating injury this past week – he tore his groin. Lashley says he didn’t tear his groin at Crown Jewel or training to beat Rusev up… he tore it… doing things… and performing in ways Rusev could only fantasize about. They share a kiss. Lana says Rusev isn’t interested in hearing about their life that is full of love and sex, but he is interested in another type of fight. Lana says someone very special has volunteered to fight Rusev and he’s going to kick his ass. The music hits and out comes Drew McIntyre. Drew, Lana and Lashley march to the ring.

Rusev vs. Drew McIntyre

The bell rings and Rusev sizes Drew McIntyre up. Fans chant “Rusev Day!” now. Rusev ducks a shot but Drew drops him with a headbutt. Drew takes Rusev to the corner and beats him down.

Rusev comes out of the corner with a big clothesline. Rusev unloads with shoulder thrusts in the corner now. Rusev with a right hand and big body shots to Drew in the corner now. We see Lana and Lashley watching from up on the ramp as Rusev keeps control.

Drew turns it around in the corner and unloads on Rusev as the referee warns him. Drew manhandles Rusev in the corner as Lana and Lashley smile. Rusev fights out of the corner but Drew drops him with a big clothesline. Drew keeps control and works Rusev over while he’s down. Rusev comes back with a fall-away slam to send Drew out of the ring, clutching his back in pain. Rusev stares up at Lana and Lashley as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Drew remains in control. Rusev turns it around but Drew shuts him down with a big Spinebuster in the middle of the ring. Rusev kicks out at as we see Lana and Lashley look on.

Drew talks some trash but Rusev fires back with a big clothesline to drop Drew. Rusev mounts offense with several big moves as the crowd pops. Rusev with the spinning heel kick for another pop. Rusev gets hyped up in the corner but Drew dodges the Machka Kick. Drew fights back and nails a throat chip. Drew rocks Rusev on the top now. Rusev flies to the mat but Drew moves. They run the ropes and end up colliding in the middle of the ring with crossbody attempts. They both go down.

They get up and trade shots in the middle of the ring. The big strikes continue and turn to clubbing blows. Rusev knocks Drew out of the ring with a big superkick. Rusev follows and slams Drew head-first into the steel ring steps, and again. Lashley comes running down the ramp, with no injury, and smacks Rusev over the back with the crutch.

Winner by DQ: Rusev

After the bell, Lashley continues beating up Rusev at ringside. Lashley brings Rusev into the ring and follows with the crutch but Rusev fights back. Rusev unloads and launches Lashley into the ring post shoulder-first. Rusev is wide-eyed and furious now. Rusev waits for Drew to get up but Randy Orton suddenly attacks with the RKO outta nowhere for a big pop. Lana laughs as Rusev is laid out from the RKO. Lashley works over Rusev while he’s down now. The attack on Rusev continues as the heels and former Team Flair members gang up on him now. The music hits and out comes Ricochet to make the save for his former Team Hogan partner. Ricochet takes out Lashley and sends him to the floor. Ricochet and Orton go at it now. Ricochet blocks the RKO and sends Orton out of the ring. Lashley comes back to the apron but Ricochet kicks him to the floor, and accidentally sends him into Lana. They both go down. Ricochet’s music hits as he stands tall with Rusev in the ring. Lashley carries Lana up the ramp.

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