WWE RAW Results – May 25th, 2020

MVP is in the ring for another episode of The VIP Lounge. He brings out his guest and introduces him as the soon-to-be former WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre.

Drew comes out and destroys the set. Drew wants to know where Bobby Lashley is. MVP says Lashley won’t be taking Drew out tonight or putting the submission on him, they’re saving that for Backlash. MVP asks Drew to remember the last time he had him on the show. MVP recalls how he tried to be a friend to Drew and Drew repaid him with a Claymore. They go on until Lashley is introduced as his music hits.

Drew suddenly drops MVP with a Claymore as Lashley approaches the ring. Lashley pulls MVP out to safety as Drew yells at him to enter the ring and fight. Drew begs Lashley to come in and fight. Lashley helps MVP up the ramp and to the back as Drew raises the WWE Title in the air while his music hits.

Charly catches up with Drew McIntyre backstage now. Drew says he was on his way out of the building. He didn’t plan to Claymore MVP earlier but MVP asked for it. Kayla asks Drew if he knew about tonight’s tag team match with MVP and Lashley vs. The Street Profits. Drew suddenly forgets something in the locker room and says he probably won’t find it until that tag match is over. Back to commercial.

The Street Profits win via DQ

After the bell, the music immediately hits and out comes WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. Drew hits the ring as Lashley tells him to bring it. Drew with a Glasgow Kiss headbutt. They brawl and then tumble to the floor. Lashley beats Drew against the barrier. Drew fights back and brings it back into the ring. Drew mounts Lashley with big strikes. The referee calls for help to come break things up. He instructs some of the male developmental talents to come from the crowd into the ring. They hit the ring and Drew drops them with headbutts and strikes. Lashley takes advantage and drops Drew with a big Spear. The referee calls for more trainees to come in the ring to break things up. Drew and Lashley are separated but they fight back and take the trainees out. More trainees hit the ring and finally have Lashley and Drew kept apart in opposite corners. RAW goes off the air with Lashley and McIntyre yelling at each other from opposite corners.

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