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 Drew McIntyre

While many fellow 15-year-olds were worried about sitting at the “popular table” at lunchtime, Drew McIntyre was already training to become a WWE Superstar. He didn’t have to wait terribly long to achieve his dream, either, as the endlessly athletic Scotsman skyrocketed from the U.K. independent scene to the big show, WWE, at just age 22. The outlook was so bright for the 6-foot-5 McIntyre that when he first arrived, Mr. McMahon labeled him a “future World Champion.” The Chairman was eventually proven correct, though fulfilling that prophecy did not come easily for McIntyre.

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WWE RAW Results – March 8th, 2021
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We see Drew watching the The Miz vs. Bobby Lashley title match backstage.

Drew McIntyre is backstage with Sarah Schreiber. She asks about being the presumptive challenger for the WWE Title. McIntyre gets heated and goes on about being the only challenger there is. He rants about Bobby Lashley and says he could’ve gone after the biggest challenger, but he attacked Drew after Elimination Chamber instead to help Miz win the WWE Title. He goes on about beating Brock Lesnar but Sheamus suddenly attacks out of nowhere. Sheamus unloads on Drew and they brawl around the backstage area. Sheamus is tired of living in Drew’s shadow and will make the rest of his life full of misery. Sheamus heads off and declares that this is not over yet. Drew storms off and we go back to commercial.

We see what just happened with Sheamus and Drew McIntyre. Drew is furious backstage now. He stops at Adam Pearce and tells him he will set up a No DQ match against Sheamus tonight. Pearce apparently nods and McIntyre storms off.

No DQ Match: Sheamus vs. Drew McIntyre

We go back to the ring for tonight’s No DQ match as Sheamus makes his way out. Drew McIntyre immediately attacks him and beats him down to the ringside area.

Drew brings it into the ring and we get the bell. Drew keeps control until Sheamus kicks his way out of the corner. They trade big right hands now. Sheamus with a big shoulder to drop Drew. Drew comes back and runs over Sheamus. Drew stomps the hand and rocks Sheamus with a right. Xavier Woods vs. Shelton Benjamin is confirmed for later tonight.

Sheamus turns it around out of the corner with a thumb to the eye. Sheamus runs into a back elbow in the corner. Drew goes up but Sheamus takes the leg out, sending him to the mat on his back. Sheamus stomps away now. Drew sends him to the apron but he drops Drew over the top rope. Sheamus goes to the top rope and hits the flying clothesline for a 2 count. Sheamus keeps control and takes it back to the floor. Drew counters and whips Sheamus shoulder-first into the steel ring steps. Drew tosses Sheamus over the announce table now as the announce team scatters.

Drew pounds on Sheamus while he’s laid out in Tom’s chair. Sheamus turns it around at ringside and drops Drew with a clothesline. Sheamus brings a kendo stick from under the ring and swings it but Drew blocks it. Drew works Sheamus around and tosses him over the barrier into the virtual crowd. Drew takes apart the steel steps now. He brings Sheamus back over the barrier and slams him on top of the bottom half of the steps. Drew rolls Sheamus back in and goes over to grab the kendo stick. Drew brings the stick into the ring but Sheamus low blows him with the rope on the way in.

Sheamus kicks Drew again and runs over him with a shoulder. Sheamus grabs the stick as fans boo him. Sheamus unloads with the kendo stick while Drew is down. Sheamus holds Drew down with a boot on the jaw as fans boo him. Drew gets up but Sheamus continues to beat on him with the stick. Sheamus hits the rolling senton for a 2 count. Sheamus grounds Drew now with a submission, stretching his jaws as fans try to rally. Drew finally comes back with a big overhead belly-to-belly, and another big toss for a pop. Drew drops Sheamus again and kips up for a pop in the middle of the ring.

Drew grabs the kendo stick as Sheamus gets up to face off. Sheamus charges but Drew starts beating him with the kendo stick. Drew with a side Russian leg sweep using the stick. Sheamus kicks out at 2.

Drew keeps control and brings it back to ringside. Sheamus counters a slam and shoves Drew face-first into the ring post. Sheamus lifts Drew high and chokeslams him hard into the top of the announce table. We go to commercial with Sheamus in control.

Back from the break and they’re going at it. Sheamus with the Cloverleaf submission now. Drew fights the hold off. They get up trading shots and Drew nails a big Spinebuster for a close 2 count in the middle of the ring. They both get up but Drew runs into boots in the corner. Sheamus pulls himself back up to the top turnbuckle. Drew charges but eats a knee to the face. Drew manages to crotch Sheamus on the top but he also goes down on the mat. Drew ends up climbing to the top and nailing a big superplex but Sheamus kicks out at 2.

Sheamus shoves Drew off but Drew kicks him. Sheamus scoops Drew for White Noise in the middle of the ring but Drew kicks out at 2. Sheamus goes out and brings a steel chair back in. He goes to swing it but Drew rocks him in the face. Drew picks the chair up and smacks Sheamus over the back with it. Drew nails the Futureshock DDT on top of the chair but Sheamus still kicks out.

Sheamus crawls for the chair while Drew is already up, waiting in the corner for the finish. Drew charges but Sheamus gets up and throws the chair at his head. Sheamus quickly follows up with a big knee but Drew kicks out just in time. Sheamus jabs the chair at Drew while he’s down, then wedges the chair in the corner between two turnbuckles. Sheamus collapses to his knees but he’s still in it.

Sheamus tries to send Drew into the wedged chair but Drew counters and sends Sheamus into it. Drew comes right back with a Claymore but it knocks Sheamus through the ropes to the floor as fans pop. Drew also goes to the floor but he’s slow to capitalize. Sheamus is down on the floor. Sheamus barely connects a Brogue Kick on the floor out of nowhere.

They both get up with half of the steel steps, holding them above their heads. They charge at each other and the steps collide, sending them both to the floor. Fans chant “this is awesome!” now but both Superstars are laid out from the steel colliding. Drew is down on the other side of the barrier. The referee calls the match.

No Contest

After the match, other officials rush down to tend to Sheamus. Drew is seen stumbling around on the other side of the barrier but he can’t get up. Officials also check on Drew as we get multiple replays. We get more replays and more shots of both Superstars being tended to by medics and officials. We go to commercial.

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