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While many fellow 15-year-olds were worried about sitting at the “popular table” at lunchtime, Drew McIntyre was already training to become a WWE Superstar. He didn’t have to wait terribly long to achieve his dream, either, as the endlessly athletic Scotsman skyrocketed from the U.K. independent scene to the big show, WWE, at just age 22. The outlook was so bright for the 6-foot-5 McIntyre that when he first arrived, Mr. McMahon labeled him a “future World Champion.” The Chairman was eventually proven correct, though fulfilling that prophecy did not come easily for McIntyre.

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Smackdown Live Results – June 18th, 2019
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We go to the ring and out comes Shane McMahon with Elias. They stop on the stage as Drew McIntyre’s music hits. Drew marches to the ring with Shane and Elias.

Shane tells Hamilton to save his grand introduction because everyone already knows Shane is the best in the world. Shane says he and Roman Reigns had an incident on RAW last night but he’s not here to discuss that. Shane says we’re here to put a spotlight where it should be, on McIntyre, the man who will stomp ass and take names on Sunday when he faces Reigns. Drew says Shane wanted him to end Reigns’ career last night but they didn’t because they’re better men than Reigns. Drew goes on about how he wants Reigns at his best for their match on Sunday. Drew is interrupted by the music as The Miz makes his way out under the WWE Wild Card Rule. Drew isn’t happy.

Shane asks Miz why he’s here. Miz says it’s important that everyone watch what he has for us to watch. We see a reply of the brawl in Shane’s office on last night’s RAW. We also see Reigns getting payback. Miz laughs and Shane isn’t happy. Miz also shows us slow motion shots of Shane running from Reigns, then Reigns hitting a Spear on Shane. Miz cracks jokes at Shane for sweating faster in slow motion. Miz has more but Shane says that’s it and he’s going to fire anyone in the production truck if they show the footage. Miz knocks Shane for being the son of the boss. Miz also takes shots at Drew. Shane says Miz has daddy issues. Miz goes on about how Shane first pushed for SmackDown to be the land of opportunity, but now no one gets opportunity except for Shane and his crew. Miz says everyone is sick of Shane and the crowd pops. Miz goes on and says Shane is his responsibility, he’s the one who sent Shane down this ego trip, and he will be the one to end it. They have more words and Shane proposes McIntyre and Elias vs. Miz and a partner of his choosing, as long as it happens in the next 10 seconds. Shane starts counting. WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth suddenly appears at ringside, creeping around. Miz names Truth as his partner for the Awesome Truth reunion and the crowd pops. Shane makes the match official and says it will be a Tag Team Elimination match. Shane calls for a referee to come down. His music hits and we go back to commercial as Miz and Truth talk it over at ringside. Truth does not look interested.

Tag Team Elimination Match: The Miz and R-Truth vs. Elias and Drew McIntyre

We go back to the ring and the match is underway as WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth and The Miz go at it with Elias and Drew McIntyre. Back and forth to start. Truth shows off some and dances around after some offense but Drew turns it back around on him.

Drew goes back to work on Truth as Shane barks orders from ringside. Drew takes it to the corner and unloads with strikes. Truth fights back. Elias with a cheap shot to Truth as the referee is distracted. Drew goes back to work on Truth and plants him into the mat for a 2 count.

Elias tags in and keeps Truth grounded. More back and forth after a comeback attempt. Shane with another cheap shot that allows Elias to get the pin and the elimination on Truth.

A group of Superstars run down the ramp and start chasing Truth. Shelton grabs the WWE 24/7 Title and just runs around the ring with it. He has no referee. A referee grabs the title and warns him that he has to pin Truth to get the title. Truth snatches the title and runs away with it. Superstars chase him through the crowd once again. Miz recovers at ringside as Drew stands tall and waits in the ring. We go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Miz is down on the outside. Drew distracts the referee, allowing Shane to nail Miz with a cheap shot. Drew charges Miz at ringside but he moves and Drew lands in the timekeeper’s area. Elias brings Miz back into the ring and flies off the top but Miz hits him with a boot to the taped up ribs on the way down. Miz rocks Elias back into the corner and unloads with kick as fans count along. Miz with running double knees into the corner, and another set. Miz charges again with the flying clothesline. Miz ends up rolling Elias for a 2 count. Miz drops Elias on his face for a close 2 count.

Shane looks on a bit worried as Miz gets to his feet first. Miz delivers the kicks to Elias on his knees as fans count along. Elias catches the last kick and stands up with Miz on his shoulders. Miz slides out and rolls Elias for a 2 count. Drew rocks Miz from the floor with a Glasgow Kiss headbutt while the referee isn’t looking. Drew comes in as the legal man and waits for Miz to recover.

Drew waits in the corner for Miz and talks trash. Miz gets up and turns around to a big Claymore Kick from a fired up McIntyre. Drew covers for the pin to win.

Winners: Drew McIntyre and Elias

After the match, Shane raises the arms of Drew and Elias in the ring as they stand over Miz. The triple team attack begins now as Miz eats a Claymore Kick. They hold Miz as Drew backs up and says “5 days, Roman!” before delivering another Claymore to Miz.


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