Real Quality Wrestling Profile

‘Thee’ Drew Galloway was the pride of Scotland before joining Irish Whip Wrestling in 2005. With his trademark G-Spot Piledriver and Ego Trip, Galloway quickly rose the ranks in the Irish promotion, gaining attention from fans and wrestling insiders alike.

In fact, Galloway became so prominent in that promotion that he even earned himself a WWE tryout in November 2006.

At 6 ft 6 with the looks of a model and one of the most impressive physiques in European wrestling, Galloway is a huge hit with the ladies, and an equally fearsome foe to his opponents. If you want to predict one of the next stars of the new generation in UK wrestling you’d be unwise not to pick him.

Galloway has also wrestled for numerous promotions in mainland Britain as well, including IPW:UK, WZW, and All Star promotions.

No matter where Drew Galloway goes, you can guarantee this controversial competitor will stir up emotion amongst the fans. And the next time he enters an arena, don’t be surprised to see championship gold around his waist.