Irish Whip Wrestling

Scotsman ‘Thee’ Drew Galloway came to Irish Whip Wrestling in 2005, determined to prove his worth against the very best that IwW had to offer. Clearly more concerned with making an impact rather than making friends, Galloway immediately got into a heated feud with Mad Man Manson, beating down the unpredictable Manson after a match with the Ballmun Bruiser in Naas, Co. Kildare.

The two had a series of hard hitting matches culminating in a bruising encounter at the SFX Theatre, Dublin in November of 2005. Galloway and Manson have since cooled their rivalry as Drew concentrates on taking the IwW title from ‘SOS’ Seamus O’Shaunessy while Manson concentrates on getting the mental help he so sorely needs.

Standing six foot six with incredible power and technical skill to boot, Galloway is as feared a competitor as any that have stepped foot inside the Irish Whip ring. He was a true star of the first season of IwW’s Whiplash TV, appearing in match-ups against Manson, SOS, Steve Mulligan and Sean South among others. Great things are expected of Drew in 2006 as he aims to prove that he is among the greatest wrestlers in Europe today.