Defiant Wrestling Profile

Since his departure from WWE, Drew Galloway has returned to his roots as a gritty, merciless ass-kicker – and has met considerable success as a result. The current WCPW Champion is notorious for utterly decimating opponents, and it remains to be seen if there’s a single man on the roster capable of unseating him.

Want proof? He once kicked Noam Dar off a venue’s balcony. It remains to be seen whether WCPW will be able to contain the vicious Scot, but he will certainly inspire fear regardless.

The WCPW locker room is at once more star-studded and simultaneously a far less safe place to be when the world-class Galloway is around, and there’s no telling just how long he will dominate.

Status: Inactive
Finisher: Future Shock DDT
Height: 6′ 5″
Weight: 260lbs
Hometown: Ayr, Scotland


Belt: Defiant Championship
Reign: 30/11/2016 – 29/04/2017
Time Held: 5 months

Date: 06/03/2017
Event: Exit Wounds
Type: Singles Match Defiant Championship
Participants: Drew Galloway(c) def Will Ospreay by Pinfall
Duration: 19:18